Way Out West returns to Slottsskogen August 8–10 2024.

Way Out West 2023 is over! In 2024 we’ll be back – mark your calendars for August 8–10 2024!

Overcoming a storm and three days of constant rain was a challenge to say the least. But when the gates opened and people – you guys! – started flooding in, suddenly it felt that there had been no storm and no rain, and that the Way Out West we’ve dreamt about finally was here. That assumption turned out to be more than correct in the end.

With a new attendance record (55 000 unique visitors!), and with Saturday being the most well-attended Way Out West day in history, this year was special in many ways. The many unforgettable concerts, the amazing food, the film premieres, the beautiful days in Slottsskogen and the nights at Stay Out West. THE LOVE! This year, for the first time, we had the honor of hosting three weddings at Way Out West!


A big and very special shout out to everyone – crew, staff, partners, friends – who tirelessly worked day and night in the rough weather just so that we could open in time and share these special moments with you. A big thank you to all the artists who gave us memories for life. And last but not least – a big thank you to all our amazing visitors! Without you – no Way Out West.


Way Out West returns to Slottsskogen August 8–10 2024.


SEE YOU ALL IN 2024! Stay tuned for more info!