Skate Garden

Skate Garden returns! For the third year in a row, Way Out West will have an area dedicated to skateboarding and the culture that surrounds it. A skateboard festival inside a music festival, with skateboard sessions, video premieres, panel discussions and much more. The ramp is open for pros and amateurs alike, so bring your skateboard!


Here’s what not to miss!


Skate Garden talks presented by The Swedish Skateboard Association


We are proud to present Skate Garden talks for this years festival. Together with The Swedish Skateboarding Association we’re bringing experienced voices from the skateboarding world together with academia to discuss two topics in which skateboarding has managed to gather specific experience, and also raised some questions tough to tackle: 

from how to deal with being part of sport-washing during times of war to how we should design benches to expand their usability.


Why Sports?


Skateboarding has gone through many faces since its birth in the 50’s, but the latest metamorphosis is its transformation from the epitome of youthful counterculture to an Olympic sport; from a niche subculture to part of the international world of sports. But what opportunities does this new context really offer? And what challenges arise on the brink of established sport? What can skateboarding as a culture teach the world of  sports, and what does the world of sport have to offer skateboarding as a culture? The conversation starts at the experiences of skateboarding but broadens to explore further questions about culture, sports, health, economy, and politics.




Åsa Bäckström: Docent and head of sports culture at the Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences (GIH) in Stockholm. She has researched “the intersection of sports science, youth studies, and cultural studies.” Åsa has closely followed the development of the skateboarding scene, albeit from the sidelines, and has written about skateboarding and gender, as well as the transition from a deviant subculture to an Olympic sport.


Katta Sterner: Skateboarder, Swedish champion in street in 2000, and currently the Secretary General of the Swedish Skateboard Association. Through her long-standing commitment to broadening representation in the Swedish skate scene through the network No Limit Katta became the first employee of the Swedish Skateboard Association in 2014. With integrity and dedication she has united the Swedish skateboarding community, while at the same time gaining experience of the wins and challenges of being a new actor in the Swedish Sports Confederation and the Swedish Olympic Committee.


John Dahlquist: Skateboarder and Vice Principal at Bryggeriet Skateboarding High School. John has not only fostered some of today’s most influential skaters but has also been asked to train national teams from other countries, while concurrently being out filming street skateboarding. Together with Katta, John has followed the debate on the ‘sportification’ of skateboarding from the inside.


Sofia Ulver: Associate Professor of Marketing at Lund University, with a “sociological, cultural, critical, and historical perspective in her research.” Sofia is embarking on a research project on ‘sport washing’; when international actors use sports as a means to clean their reputation.


Astrid Schubring: Associate Professor of Sports Science at the University of Gothenburg and professor in sport sociology at German Sport University Cologne. Astrid’s research focuses on the sociological and educational aspects of coaching and organized sports. She has written about both injuries and social issues for elite young athletes, as well as career development in Olympic and Paralympic sports.


The Playful City

What role does play and recreation have in urban space? How should one prioritize between the practical and recreational functions of the city? Join us on a panel discussion where we explore the contrasting elements of an attractive city. The conversation starts with skateboarding’s unique approach to urban space, described as both progressive and destructive, but broadens to explore the various hierarchies of the city’s functions. 




David Gough: Landscape architect and skateboarder with over 20 years of experience in both roles. David has worked in both England and Sweden and has been involved in designing everything from playgrounds and skate parks to fields and trails. Among other things, he has successfully incorporated design elements in urban environments with spontaneous skateboarding in mind.


Maria Czinder: Architect and Urban Planner. Maria has knowledge and experience of the challenges faced when planning pathways and programming movements in a city, as well as the contrasting interests of accessibility and freedom of movement, such as freedom to traffic and freedom from traffic.


Christin Igelhammar: Skateboarder and architect. Through the DIY skate park ‘Tjernobyl Plaza’ in Gamlestaden Christian has been involved in shaping Gothenburg long before becoming an architect. Since then, Christian has been involved in the network Gatuplan, whose core idea is that “skateboarding is an important resource for a city that wants to work towards a vibrant and active urban space.” Among other things, Christian has worked on the skate park in Plaskis and developed a plan for a skate park in Slottsskogsvallen.


Nora Ulrikke Sukken Andersen: Writer and snowboarder. In 2023, Nora participated in the project “The Dirty City,” which, together with five other students, investigated whether Oslo “has reached the point where our city is so clean and polished that it lacks inspiration and authenticity.” Nora ‘s writing focuses on the social aspects of how cities are designed.


Gustav Svanborg Edén: Skateboarder, politician, and Malmö’s skateboard coordinator. Since 2014, Gustav has held the both praised and questioned role of Malmö’s Skateboard Coordinator, in which he has tried, and often succeeded, in promoting the relationship between the city and skateboarders. In 2024 alone Malmö has taken over a culturally significant part of Philadelphia’s Love Park, and Malmö Konsthall has hosted the interactive skateable exhibition EHM (Event Horizon Malmö).


The sessions!


There would be no Skate Garden without the sessions!


Girl Skate Jam (Thursday)

It’s not that we need the separation, but when you have the best female skateboarders from all over Sweden and Scandinavia it’s quite powerful to see them take over the ramp for themselves. It’s going to be an exciting session you don’t want to miss. 


SKF XL-bearing Session (Friday)

With last year’s success, SKF is bringing back the XL-bearing for the skaters to session. Anyone who was there last year remembers the heavy session!


Vans Tricks for cash (Saturday)

This year Vans is bringing Vans Shop Riot to Gothenburg during Way Out West. Invited skate shops from all over Scandinavia are bringing their skate teams to tick off missions in the streets of Gothenburg. The results will be premiered in video form on saturday at Cinema Slottsskogen at Skate Garden. After the screening, Vans is hosting a tricks for cash session in the ramp. 


The Swedish Skateboarding Association also hosts an Instagram contest over the weekend. Best skate-festival edit wins 10.000 sek. The rules are as simple as to film and edit your skate-festival experience, 1 minute or shorter. Post it on Instagram and tag #SkateGarden24
You can definitely do this with a group of friends. Sickest edit wins. Judging criteria? Absolute hype and atmosphere! 


The partners and everything else!


The ramp, this year bigger and better, is built by Bryggeriet and John Magnusson. Thanks to Eslöv Municipality, the ramp will be donated to Skate Nation in Eslöv to promote integration in socioeconomically disadvantaged areas. Skate Nation will also be on-site to assist beginners and ensure inclusivity. 


Don’t forget to visit our partners SKF, Vans and The Swedish Skateboarding association on site! Skate Nation is managing the skateboard wardrobe for everyone that wants to keep their board somewhere safe while enjoying the rest of the festival. 


At the SKF skate shop you can watch old skate videos all day and talk skateboarding history with Swedish artist and skateboarding legend Gorm Boberg. Gorm, together with artist  Ymer Bille and Ellen Macke Alström will also be live-paintings on the ramp during the weekend.