Way Out WEst Eats!

Food as carefully curated as the festival’s line-up


Way Out West comes with a food offering out of the ordinary. Everything vegetarian with a large vegan offering and something to suit all tastes. The festival is vegetarian and has been completely meat free and largely dairy free since 2012.


The meat and dairy industry accounts for 14,5% of the greenhouse gas emissions globally*, which exceeds the emissions from the transport sector (cars, boats, trains, planes, others). By becoming vegetarian we lowered our emissions by 40% – and 15% of the festival’s visitors say they eat more veggie food after they’ve been to Way Out West. Yay!


During 2019 year’s festival, the carbon footprint from an average meal was 0,38 kg CO2e, which is below WWF’s One Planet Plate recommendation of 0,5 kg CO2e. We also CO2e marked the menus at the festival so you could easily make a decision when you wanted to eat and drink.