Welcome to Greentopia – the climate stage kicking off Way Out West 2024!


On August 8th, the centre of our VIP area transforms into a climate stage with scientists, artists, music industry profiles, and thought leaders. Together, we will discuss radical futures, sustainable touring, festival fashion, music and politics, idiotic systems, and other pressing issues related to climate action and transformation.




Johan Rockström: one of the world’s leading researchers on global sustainability issues, co-founder of Stockholm Resilience Centre, advisor of several governments and business networks, and leader of the planetary boundaries framework development.


John E. Fernandez: the American researcher who has studied the climate impact and transformation of Coldplay’s world tour Music Of The Spheres and leader of The Climate Machine, a research project aimed at getting the music industry to address climate change.


Bea Szenfeld: the disruptive fashion designer, whose imaginative wearable paper sculptures have been worn by the likes of Lady Gaga, Björk, and Laleh and showcased everywhere from the Eurovision Song Contest to museums and embassies.


Gustaf Skarsgård (actor) and Johan M. Reunanen (sustainability director):

the podcast duo who explore the climate crisis from an addiction perspective, and how  we – individually and collectively – can find the strength to leave behind old, climate-damaging systems and behaviors, and make room for the new.


Marit Bergman: one of Sweden’s prominent pop figures, with a series of iconic albums and Grammy awards to her name, as well as a strong commitment to climate and social justice. 


Adam Taal: the world touring artist that has created music for both tv series and video games, as well as been involved in numerous projects aimed at youth and young adults.


Owen Gaffney: chief impact officer at the Nobel Prize and author of Earth For All: A Survival Guide For Humanity (2022) and Breaking Boundaries (2021), alongside Greta Thunberg and Johan Rockström.


Jessica Edlom: scientist who has conducted extensive research on the Scandinavian music industry through several projects, focusing on ecosystems, sustainability, and how music artists engage with their fans.


Per Olsson: Deputy Science Director, Associate Professor, and award-winning researcher at the Stockholm Resilience Centre, focusing on societal transitions to more just and sustainable futures.


Louise Lindén: founder of LiveGreen, and expert in festival-driven transformation, sustainable event production, as well as artistic activism and advocacy.


Greentopia will be led by the awarded activists Isabelle McAllister and Andreas Magnusson.


🗓️ Thursday, August 8th
⏰ 2:30 PM – 6:00 PM
📍VIP area at Way Out West


To access Greentopia’s climate stage, you need to purchase a VIP ticket for Thursday. You can find tickets here and read more about the program here.


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