The world’s best festival site? At least one of them. Slottsskogen, the lung of Gothenburg, is a lush, forested park in the heart of the city. This unique site makes Way Out West the urban yet idyllic event that it is. At the festival site, with its endless supply of nooks and crannies, there’s always more to discover, whether it’s the wide range of musical acts you may never have heard of before, a screening of a film premiere, world-class vegetarian food, or great places to hang out.


Flamingo, Azalea, Linné, Dungen, and Höjden: five stages packed with handpicked quality performances, from early day to late evening.


If you haven’t been to Way Out West, you should come just to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. And hey, don’t forget to say hello to the pond’s population of waterfowl!


Flamingo is out flagship stage! This is where the biggest names perform and where the headliner closing each day in Slottsskogen performs. 


Azalea is Flamingo’s twin, located right opposite on the same field. This is also a stage for the big names, and where the second to last act each night performs. 


A cozy tent stage located right by the lake. If you’re looking for a club atmosphere, this is the place to be. 


Höjden is located on a hill and was previously the place for WOW Talks. Since 2022, however, it has become a venue for exciting new acts. This area can get packed, so come well in advance if you want to see a popular show!


Dungen is our stage for everything dance related. Here you can see a wide range of DJ’s doing their thing seamlessly all day long. Bring your dancing shoes!