Way Out West launches festival aboard a tram!

Way Out West collaborates with Gothenburg public transport agency Västtrafik in new project Way Out Västtrafik – a music festival aboard a tram. Artists Miriam Bryant, Little Dragon, Jens Lekman, A36, Stella Explorer & Raghd & Jelly Crystal are all set to perform during the festival, which takes place on November 13 on a regular commuter tram riding through central Gothenburg. Tickets will be sold per concert for 34 SEK – the same price a single ticket would cost on a daily commute – over at Ticketmaster, starting Friday October 22 at 10 AM. Only 40 tickets per concert will be available for purchase, so make sure to be quick.




The restrictions in Sweden have finally lifted and everyday life is returning to normal, which also means commuting to and from work. To encourage people to travel with public transport, but also to celebrate the fact that we’re finally able to do so again, Way Out West and Västtrafik are teaming up to create a rolling festival aboard a tram. Little Dragon, Jens Lekman, Miriam Bryant, A36, Stella Explorer and Jelly Crystal & Raghd are all set to perform on the tram for a limited audience.


Way Out Västtrafik is arranged together with booking agency and promoter Luger who founded Way Out West in 2007. Sustainability has always been at the core of the festival, and in 2012 Way Out West went fully vegetarian which stirred a lot of emotions at the time.


– Sustainability has always been at the top of our agenda, and we’re always strive to inspire others. We know that public transport is key in the travels of the future, so to have our festival enter a tram feels magical, say Patrick Fredriksson, co-founder of Way Out West.