Tems [NG] and Jessie Ware [UK] confirmed for Way Out West!

Two new acts announced! Despite collaborations with royalty such as Drake, Justin Bieber and Wizkid and the increasing exposure in the mainstream, Tems remains loyal to the deeply personal sound that once established her as the leading star of Nigerian alternative music. A sound that perhaps is best described as an urban blend of leftfield RnB, afrobeat and neo soul delivered with an emotional intensity that is nothing but entrancing. In 2024 Tems long-awaited debut album will finally be released and judging by the debuted tracks ‘Me & U’ and the ‘Not An Angel’, a masterpiece is to be expected. This summer, the singular talent Tems will be coming to Way Out West!


History repeated itself when the demand for decadent, life-affirming culture skyrocketed after a certain pandemic. Such as disco. But even though many of her peers also experimented with it, no one did with the same passion, precision and devotion as Jessie Ware. Indeed, where other merely infused their pop music with a hint of disco, the British singer-songwriter fully embraced the queer roots of the tradition and transformed into something deeply contemporary. A transition that started with the critically acclaimed ‘What’s Your Pleasure?’ and culminated with the masterful ‘That! Feels Good!’ from 2023. Like a shining light in a gloomy world, Jessie Ware celebrates the freedom of the dancefloor with glamorous elegance and this summer she will let this light shine on Way Out West!


Tickets are selling fast this year, so make sure you get one before they sell out. Buy your ticket now HERE!


(Many more acts to be announced)


See line-up here!