Micke Sandström – ”What I Need Most to Remember” 

Micke Sandström has been photographing more than 350 bands and artists on various stages for over 20 years. When Way Out West started in 2007 and the question of documenting the festival arose, he didn’t hesitate. Since then, he has brought his camera to almost every Way Out West, and in 2011, he published the photo book “Way Out West 2007-2010.”


The exhibition title “What I Need Most to Remember” comes from the Big Star song “Way Out West,” which is one of the reasons why the festival is named as it is. The quote also captures the essence of the exhibition – memories and feelings now dormant but awakened at the mere sight of the images.


In total, he has taken around 25,000 pictures at Way Out West over the years, and for this exhibition he has chosen 20 of his favorite images, taken from most of the years the festival has been around.


“What I Need Most to Remember” runs from May 30 to September 1 at Hôtel Eggers in Gothenburg. Free entrance! 


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