Here's the Skate Garden schedule!

A fruitful spring has resulted in a great harvest to The Skate Garden this year. Skate Nation is on site to coach all curious beginners. Bring your own skateboard or borrow one from us.


On Thursday and Friday, there will be sneak peek viewings and interviews with the people behind “Pushing – Från Rättvik till Kalifornien and “Skateboard på Svenska”, two upcoming movies shedding light on important parts of Swedish skateboarding history.


You can’t talk about Swedish skateboarding history without mentioning Team Smod. Swing by Skate Garden on Friday and catch Gothenburg’s own Smod Mike doing his art.


On Thursday, Hedda Hjertberg from Pushing for Rättvik and Tjejskate GBG have invited the best female skaters from Sweden for a skateboard session you don’t want to miss!


SKF and Vans are inviting some of the best skaters from the northern hemisphere to their respective skate session on their special obstacles.


Skaters including:
Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg
Eric Hedberg
Hampus Winberg
Gabriel Bjorsevik
Bjarne Tjotta
Jonathan Sjöberg
Elliott Toiminen
Helena Long
Niklas Sundgaard
Moa Zander
Hedda Hjertberg
Svea Paus
Ville Rockäng
Alex Elfving
Jens Andersson
And many more


If that wasn’t enough, we have Växthuset on site that will host small shows with upcoming bands and artists. Skater or not, welcome to Skate Garden!



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