Are you a musician with dreams of playing at Way Out West? This is your chance!

Are you a musician with dreams of playing at Way Out West? This is your chance!


This year, the greenhouse we put up at Gothenburg 400 will be moved to Slottsskogen, hosting small shows with upcoming bands and artists. Interested to come and perform a few songs? Here’s how to proceed. Send an email to providing the information requested below. As soon as we’ve received enough applicants we will randomly pick eight acts (two on Thursday, three on Friday and Saturday) that will be given the chance to perform during the festival.


First name, last name, email, phone number, age:
City of residence:
Correct spelling of artist name:
Link to songs (Please no attachments):
Will you bring an instrument? If so, what instrument?:
Contact details (first name, last name, phone number, email, role) for all individuals performing with you:


Carefully review the rules and the technical list of what will be available. We cannot provide additional equipment during the festival.


Rules and information:

– If you do not have an existing ticket, you will receive a one-day ticket for the day of your performance.
– Max 3 people on stage.
– You may bring instruments that fit on a 3.5x1m stage. No drum kits.
– Performers are responsible for bringing all instruments, cables/accessories, and amplifiers.
– It’s not possible to leave retrieved items/instruments on the premises.
– Technicians will be available on-site.
– A symbolic amount of payment will be given to each performing act.
– Maximum performance time: 15 minutes.


Available technical equipment:


1 active split mini PA.
2 monitors.
1 stage measuring 3.5*1m.
1 16-channel mixer.
4 B58 microphones.
2 B57 microphones.
4 line boxes.
Audio cables.

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