André 3000 [US] plays New Blue Sun at Way Out West!

Many probably expected that the habitual forerunner André 3000’s return to the limelight would be an astonishing one, but very few anticipated a left turn as radical as an 87-minute-long flute album. Because that is just what ‘New Blue Sun’ is. A beautiful, complex, spiritual, patient celebration of jazz with André himself playing multiple members of the flute family. Such as Mayan flue, bamboo flute and digital flute. So, despite being considered one of the best and most innovative lyricists ever, the former Outkast rapper’s first album in almost decades doesn’t contain a single bar. It’s purely instrumental. But just like every masterpiece the Atlanta artist has ever put his stamp on, ‘New Blue Sun’ is carefully constructed and profound and otherworldly and amazing. This summer, André 3000 will help Way Out West to transcend time.


Also announced today are Elmiene [UK], Thee Sacred Souls [US] and muva of Earth [UK]. Read more about each and everyone of them HERE.


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(Many more acts to be announced)


See line-up here!