18 new acts confirmed for Way Out West!

18 new acts confirmed! Please welcome Billie Marten [UK], Klara Keller, The Kills [US], Arooj Aftab [PK], A36, English Teacher [UK], Yard Act [UK], Nourished By Time [US], Antony Szmierek [UK], The Thurston Moore Group [US], Rachel Chinouriri [UK], The New Eves [UK], Rotem Geffen, Estraden, Eah Jé, Yves Tumor [US], Clarissa Connelly [DK] and Lost Girls [NO] to Way Out West!


Today’s release contains so many exciting acts that it would be impossible to do them all justice in a press release format. Below is a brief description of three highlights, and you can delve into the rest under the lineup tab.


The impact that Thurston Moore and his unconventional, raw, experimental guitar style has had on indie rock is incalculable.  The echoes from his legacy with Sonic Youth and as a solo artist can be heard literally everywhere. And unlike many of his generational peers, Moore has never lost the integrity, vision and will to keep pushing boundaries that earned him this iconic status in the first place.


When Rachel Chinouriri was asked about her major inspirations, she cited African group Ladysmith Black Mambazo, indie folk trio Daughter and early Coldplay. If you add the hushed voice that Chinouriri developed to avoid disturbing her Zimbabwean parents while practicing to the equation, one is left with a fair sketch of her critically acclaimed debut album ‘What A Devastating Turn of Events’. As a black artist doing indie pop, Chinouriri has been mislabeled as an R&B and soul artist earlier in her career. That is history now, as she is rightfully hailed a hero by a new generation of indie fans.


If you strip rock’n’roll down to its bare essence you get the raw, minimalistic sound of the Kills. The duo consisting of guitarist Jamie Hince and vocalist Allison Mosshart first emerged during the garage rock resurgence in the early 2000s but has, unlike many of their peers, remained relevant by constantly evolving their strange and undeniable chemistry. Following a seven-year hiatus, the American-British duo returned last year with the explosive and edgy ‘God Games’, fortifying their position as a true torchbearer of rock’n’roll.


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