Stay Out West

Stay Out West is Way Out Wests club program (age limit 18+) that opens up in different areas/clubs around Gothenburg when the festival area in Slottsskogen closes. If you are over 18, these gigs are included in the festival pass. You can not buy a single ticket for Stay Out West only.


Please note that the clubs have limited capacity and you’re not guaranteed entrance. If there’s something you really don’t want to miss, come early. Bananpiren is the bigges Stay Out West-venue and has a large capacity. However – there are separate capacities at the different Stages, Magasin 105 (4500), Panama (1000), Honduras (1000), (Dungeon 750).


This year’s Stay Out West venues and opening hours. 

BANANPIREN (Stages Panama, Honduras, Magasin 105 and Dungeon)
Thursday: 22-04
Friday: 23-04
Saturday: 23-04

Thursday: 22-03
Friday: 22-04
Saturday: 22-04

Thursday: 22-02
Friday: 22-02
Saturday: 22-02

Thursday: Closed
Friday: 23-03
Saturday: 23-03

How to get to Stay Out West?

If you want to spend most of your Stay Out West nights at Bananpiren, we recommend you to buy our Transport Wristbands in the Info Tent. Our busses take you from Slottsskogen to Bananpiren and from Bananpiren to Gothenburg Central Station.

Going to Bananpiren, the busses leave from Rosengatan, by Linnéplatsen. They run every 5-10 minutes between:

Thursday: 21:30-01:00
Friday & Saturday: 22:30-01:00

Going from Bananpiren, the busses from Bananpiren to Gothenburg Central Station run every 5-10 min between:

Thursday: 00:30-04:30
Friday & Saturday: 01:00-04:30


Going by public transport?

You can travel to Stay Out West clubs Bananpiren, Pustervik, Musikens Hus and Oceanen via Public transport. Also, walking from Slottsskogen to Pustervik takes 15 mins. Walking from Slottsskogen to Musikens Hus and Oceanen takes 30 mins.

If you’re travelling by public transport, to get the most accurate travel suggestions, use Västtrafiks Reseplanerare.

Search for the following stops:

To Bananpiren
– Bus stop: Frihamnsporten
– Tram stop: Frihamnen

To Pustervik
– Tram and bus stop: Järntorget

To Musikens Hus and Oceanen:
– Tram stop: Stigbergstorget