For fifteen years she’s been singing about our lives, set music to our summers, made sure that even the happiest person at the party has a tear hidden in the corner of the eye. She’s done it with immediate but never interchangeable pop melodies. As with all really important artists we sometimes might take her for granted. But only until we hear her next hit and right away realize it’d be impossible to mistake her for anyone else. She’s one of our biggest and best stars – most Swedes can sing-along to tunes such as ”Hela huset”, ”Jag kommer”, ”Satan i gatan”, ”Snälla bli min” and ”17 år” – and she didn’t let her fans down with Kurt Cobain, the first single from the upcoming album. According to Veronica Maggio this collaboration with Jocke Berg from Kent and Simon Hassle ”consists of equal parts love-synth, a fight in the Stockholm night and to opt out the dark”. The new album is expected to be released in full this fall but half of it should be out before summer – yes, the same summer when pretty much everyone in Slottsskogen with common forces will opt out the dark.

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