When it comes to the ever-evolving Susanne Sundfør, it’s best to expect the unexpected. For more than 15 years, the consistently inventive Norwegian singer-songwriter has explored folk, electronica, chamber pop and experimental music with passionate curiosity and an undeniable talent. And even though some excursions, such as the electronic album ‘Ten Love Songs’ from 2015, garnered her international fame, Sundfør was already heading in another direction. In 2023, Sundfør took another unanticipated left-turn when she shared her latest album – the highly ambitious ‘Blómi’. Over a mix of lush chamber pop, jazz, and soul Sundfør philosophies over love, loss, optimism, and rebirth and the result is both meditative and enthralling. Please welcome the enigmatic Susanne Sundfør to Way Out West!