The Baltimore, Maryland-born singer-songwriter serpentwithfeet is taking the natural steps as a versatile talent from chapter to chapter in his career. His musical journey began in church, where he honed his vocal abilities and developed a deep appreciation for gospel music. This influence is palpable in his work, as he seamlessly weaves elements of gospel, R&B, and experimental pop into a unique blend of sounds. serpent’s third album ‘GRIP’ is the latest presentation of his wide-ranging artistic skills. ‘GRIP’ finds its home on the dance floor of Black gay clubs and the intimate moments that happen there and afterward, no matter the location. For serpent, Black gay nightlife spaces “raised him a second time.” These clubs provided a different sense of welcoming that nurtured him in a new way exhibited on ‘GRIP’. We’re very excited to see this one-of-a-kind artist in Slottsskogen this summer!