Markus Krunegård – Stay Out West

Immediately accessible but enigmatically elusive, the rich discography of Swedish indie pop royalty Markus Krunegård is as hard one to capture. But whether he dabbles with energetic indie rock, anthemic piano ballads or contemporary electronic music, Krunegård always makes it his own. And the extraordinary lyrics – personal, witty, diaristic, copious and strikingly relatable – runs like a red thread through it all. Drawing from what seems to abottomless well of inspiration, Krunegård has maintained a rare pace when it comes to producing new music. For example, he released two albums in 2021: the rock’n’roll celebration that was ‘Kemtvätten’ and the experimental pop on ‘TUTTI FRUTTI – från lokalen under sushin’. And last year, Markus Krunegård shared his first album sung in Finnish named ‘Nokia & Ericsson’. This summer at Way Out West we will have the privilege to witness not one but two shows with Markus Krunegård. One in Slottsskogen where he will perform music from his entire career and one at Stay Out West where he will be performing his Finnish album in its entirety!