Loyle Carner is not your typical rapper. Never shying away from subjects that others lack either the courage or the skill to wrestle with. Be it his ADHD, his dyslexia, or his relationship with his father in the light of becoming a father himself, the British-Guyanese artist somehow makes vulnerable introspection a matter for the masses. Indeed, when it comes to going deep, very few can compete with Loyle Carner and his fearless soul-searching. With early nominations for the Mercury Prize, Brit Awards, and the NME Awards, Carner’s rise to the top was a rapid one. But after the success of his celebrated sophomore album ‘Not Waving, But Drowning’, Carner decided to strip away all the hedonistic aspects of his artistry. A decision that lead to the strikingly clairvoyant record ‘hugo’ from 2022. We are proud to welcome the boldly personal Loyle Carner to Way Out West.