During the 18 months that spanned between Fred again’s first and third part of the reality-based ‘Actual Life’-trilogy, the British singer, producer and DJ ascended from underground dance scenes to being one the biggest and most celebrated names on the circuit. A superstar-status that was cemented with an amazing NPR Tiny Desk Concert, a heated set on Boiler Room and a series of raving concerts at Coachella, Times Square and Madison Square Garden together with Four Tet and Skrillex. Not to mention, the album ‘Secret Life’ (2023) where he finally got to collaborate with his mentor Brian Eno.


With his emotional, atmospheric club music combined with diaristic audio samples collected from Instagram, YouTube, poets and conversations with friends, Fred again.. creates music that more than anything conjures feelings of connection and community. 2022 he played one of the most iconic sets the Linné tent has ever seen, and next summer, Fred again.. will bring this deeply emotional dance music to Way Out West – this time as an undisputable headliner.