Every now and then a talent that is undeniable emerges. The young Swedish artist Esther is one of those. After debating whether to pursue playing drums or piano, Esther discovered that the vibraphone spared her the pain of deciding. Combining the percussive elements of the drums with the melodic qualities of the piano, the vibraphone became both the motor and the atmosphere in the singular musical universe that has become Esther’s. After debuting in 2019 she has shared string of truly captivating singles, including the unforgettable ‘Follow Me Home’, before releasing the critically acclaimed EP ‘Better Sleeping With A Parachute’ (2020). Since that, Esther has stayed busy, most recently with the melancholically danceable ‘Half A Heart Beating’ (2022). Whatever you do, don’t miss Esther at Way Out West this summer!


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