Talent is the natural ability to do something well and if the opportunity arises, a hardworking talent is likely to ascend to the stars. This holds true even if you happen to be raised in the very epicenter of the public eye. And although it may have taken some time, Benjamin Ingrosso is finally receiving the praise he deserves. Praise for his masterful musicianship, his songwriting, and his extraordinary knack for entertaining.


Blessed with a rare musical versatility he effortlessly hops between contemporary pop, disco, and melancholic ballads as he captures both the sadness and the joyfulness of life. Today, Benjamin Ingrosso is one of the biggest artists in Sweden with several hundreds of million streams and a Grammis to his name. Unanimously celebrated for his showmanship, he has been playing extensively during 2022 and 2023, selling out the biggest of venues. Next year, Benjamin Ingrosso will not only embark on a European tour, but he will also play a Sweden exclusive festival show at Way Out West!