In just a two-year period, two albums out of Paris laid the groundwork for electronic music in the 2000s. Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoît Dunckel of Air shared a rehearsal space on the same street as Daft Punk, allowing them to witness their neighbors’ debut album “Homework” taking shape outside their window. Shortly thereafter, Air completed their own attempt at a masterpiece – their exceptional cult classic “Moon Safari”. 26 years on, they will be performing the album in its entirety at Way Out West!


“Moon Safari” propelled Air to international fame and established them as one of France’s most successful music groups. The album’s blend of nostalgic elements and innovative sonic experiments formed a timeless retrofuturism not unlike groups such as Boards of Canada and Stereolab – just as thrilling in 2024 as when it was first released. In recent years, Air has continued to explore the downtempo genre through a series of albums and a considerable amount of film scores. The “Moon Safari” tour marks their first joint endeavor in over a decade. Air themselves say: “Moon Safari no longer belongs to us. It belongs to the audience.”