The hits and the classics are so many that even a three and a half hour long gig feel too short and fifteen encores are way too few. By now it is also impossible to reimagine pop music – or pop culture – without those cobwebbed forests of hair from Crawley. A quick glance might give the impression that The Cure is one of music history’s most consistent bands: after all they’ve always looked the same, no matter the line-up. More than anyone else they’ve defined the goth look. But if you think just a little bit further or if you sit down with their enormous song catalogue and really listen to it, you’ll soon realize that this is a far more restless and adventurous band than they get credit for. There is no small span between, say, A Forest and Let’s Go To Bed or between Shake Dog Shake and Lovesong. You can go on like that for quite some time and before you know it you’ll get an understanding why it takes marathon-long concerts to do all justice.


The Cure was recently elected into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but to many of us Robert Smith and his crew have always had a sacred place in rock music’s most holy rooms. They’ve sold about thirty million albums. Their singles discography is extremely hard to match. Then there’s all those unforgettable music videos. Their iconic style and creative use of lipstick. And: they have a new album on its way, their first in a decade. Robert Smith has described it as ”incredibly intense” and it is planned to be released for, yep, Halloween.

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