The Italian duo Nu Genea are on a historiographic quest to explore dance music – from its very first steps, to it touching the shores of their hometown Napoli. And you can hear centuries of obscure and uncharted disco, funk, dub, electronic and boogie echoing through the multitude of sounds that comes together in their unique blend. Lucio Aquilina and Massimo Di Lena is not only unifying dance music from different parts of the world, but they are also linking the past with the future. After the success of the album ‘The Tony Allen Experiments’ from 2015, Nu Genea released the celebrated album ‘Nuova Napoli’ in 2018. Last year, they shared their latest album ‘Bar Meditterano’ and although the bar is fictional, Nu Genea once again created a shared place where people and music can meet and truly blend. Chances are that you will be dancing when Nu Genea takes the stage with their live band in Slottsskogen.


Nu Genea will perform in Slottsskogen on Friday August 11. Buy your tickets HERE!