Dogge Tjärnhammar Alm & Kalle Lindborg 

Kagges will be serving dishes formed around egg, cheese and yeast. The restaurant won Gulddraken 2018.




Mariuxi Ingber & Chrtistian Ingber 

Mestiza find inspiration from all aroud the world, but are most famous for their signature dish – Potatoe explosion!




Frida Nilsson

MJ:s will be serving dishes with cabbage, tomatoes and cheese. Frida Nilsson has won the prestigious White Guides Rising Star 2019 and Chef ot The Year at Stellagalan.



Enoteca Maglia

Robert Maglia

At Enoteca Maglia we will be served Italian inspired streetfood. Robert Maglia was one of the contestants in Kockarnas Kamp 2015 och has written many cook books – one of which was named 4th Best Italian Cookbook in the world.




Joel Åhlin, Claes Grannsjö & David Frenkiel

A modern take on our beloved Falafel! Joel Åhlin is one of the chefs at Michelin Starred Agrikultur, Claes is a freelance chef with Stockholm restaurant NOOK on his CV and David Frenkiel is a food influencer and cook book writer.




Linn Söderström & Marion Ringborg 

At Garba you’ll find pasta and their signature dish donut. There’s a limited number of donuts – first come first served! One of the chefs, Linn Söderström, came 3rd place in Kockarnas kamp 2017.




Sarah Coulibaly & Niklas Jarske

Babemba will serve food with origin from West Africa. The dish Tigadèguèna / Mafé / Domoda is a dish with many names, but always formed around peanut butter. 




Dubbel Dubbel

Emma Kolback 

Dubbel Dubbel will serve dumplings and Chinese dishes: steamed jiaozi, wontons, baos and more. Enjoy!