32 feature/documentary films, 3 TV-series


ALLT JAG INTE MINNS by Beata Gårdeler. TV series, Sweden, 2019. World premiere

ALLT VI ÄGER by Emily Norling. Documentary, Sweden, 2019.

AMAZING GRACE by Alan Elliott & Sydney Pollack. Documentary, US, 2019. Nordic premiere

AMIE OCH FANNAS STRIPTRIP by Fanna & Amie. Documentary, Sweden, 2019.

AND THEN WE DANCED by Levan Akin. Fiction, Sweden, 2019. Exclusive preview

ANTHROPOCENE: THE HUMAN EPOCH by Jennifer Baichwal, Edward Burtynsky, Nicholas de Pencier. Documentary, Canada, 2018.

BEATS by Brian Welsh. Fiction, UK, 2019. Nordic premiere

BEFORIEGNERS by Jens Lien. TV-Series, Norway, 2019. Swedish premiere

BLINDED BY THE LIGHT by Gurinder Chadha . Fiction, UK, 2019. Nordic premiere

BOHEMIAN RAPSODY by Bryan Singer. Fiction, UK, 2018.

COULD THIS BE YOU? by Agnieszka Lukasiak. Documentary, UK, Sweden, 2019. World premiere

EXPEDITION KAHAWA by Lotta Berglind. Documentary, Sweden, 2019.

FRAEMLING by Mikel Cee Karlsson. Hybrid, Sweden, 2019. Swedish premiere

FROM A HOLE IN THE WALL by Adam Holmkvist. Documentary, Sweden, 2019. World premiere

HAIL SATAN? by Penny Lane. Documentary, US, 2019. Nordic premiere

INNA DE YARD by Peter Webber. Documentary, France, Belgium, 2019. Swedish premiere

JOSEFIN & FLORIN by Ellen Fiske & Joanna Karlberg. Documentary, Sweden, 2019. Nordic premiere

KOKO-DI KOKO-DA by Johannes Nyholm. Fiction, Sweden, Denmark, 2019.

LUCKY ONE by Mia Engberg. Documentary, Sweden, 2019.

MARIANNE & LEONARD: WORDS OF LOVE by Nick Broomfield. Documentary, US, 2019. Nordic premiere

MID90S by Jonah Hill. Fiction, US, 2019.

NEW ORDER: DECADES by Mike Christie. Documentary, UK, 2019. Swedish premiere

MATING by Lina Mannheimer. Documentary, Sweden, 2019.

PUSH by Fredrik Gertten. Documentary, Sweden, 2019. Exclusive preview

RUDEBOY by Nicolas Jack Davies. Documentary, UK, 2019. Nordic premiere

SHUT UP HATERS by Jon Blåhed. Fiction, Sweden, 2019.

SIVANDIVAN by Gustav Ahlgren & Emelie Jönsson. Documentary, Sweden, 2019.

SUEDE: THE INSATIABLE ONES by Mike Christie. Documentary, UK, 2019. Swedish premiere

THE BRINK by Alison Klayman . Documentary, UK, 2019.

THE DEAD DON’T DIE by Jim Jarmusch. Fiction, US, 2019. Nordic premiere

THE HEART IS A DRUM by Jacob Frössén. Documentary, Sweden, 2019.

TILL DRÖMMARNAS LAND by Victor Lindgren. Fiction, Sweden, 2019.

VÅR TID ÄR NU by Harald Hamrell, Andrea Östlund och Anna Zackrisson. TV series, Sweden, 2019. World premiere

VI HAR VÅR EGEN SÅNG – MUSIKFILMEN by Stefan Jarl m fl. Documentary, Sweden, 1976.

WE INTEND TO CAUSE HAVOC by Gio Arlotta. Documentary, Chec Rep, 2019. Nordic premiere


30 feature/documentary films, 6 shorts, 2 TV-series


BLACKKKLANSMAN by Spike Lee. USA, 2018. Swedish premiere

BORDER by Ali Abassi. Sweden, 2018. Swedish premiere

MATANGI / MAYA / M.I.A. by Steve Loveridge. UK/USA, 2018. Swedish premiere

WESTWOOD: PUNK, ICON, ACTIVIST by Lorna Tucker. UK, 2018. Swedish premiere

WHITNEY by Kevin McDonald. USA, 2017.

RBG by Julie Cohen, Betsy West. USA, 2018. Swedish premiere

BERGMAN – A YEAR IN LIFE by Jane Magnusson. Sweden, 2018.

BUNCH OF KUNST – SLEAFORD MODS by Christine Franz. Germany/UK, 2017.

GENERATION WEALTH by Lauren Greenfield. USA, 2018. Swedish premiere

THAT SUMMER by Göran Hugo Olsson. Sweden/USA, 2018. Swedish premiere

LEVA.ÄLSKA by Mette Aakerholm Gardell. Sweden, 2018.

A PRAYER BEFORE DAWN by Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire. Thailand, 2017. Swedish premiere

AMATEURS by Gabriella Pilcher. Sweden, 2018.

THE HEART by Fanni Metelius. Sweden, 2018.

GURRUMUL by Paul Damien Williams. Australia, 2018.

NAUSICAÉ FRÅN VINDARNAS DAL by Hayao Miyazaki. Japan, 1984.

THE MISEDUCATION OF CAMERON POST by Desiree Akhavan. USA, 2018. Nordic premiere

THE MAN WHO STOLE BANKSY by Marco Proserpio. Italy, 2018. Nordic premiere

EATING ANIMALS by Christopher Dillon Quinn. USA, 2017.

WILD DOGS by Elin Eriksson, Saga Gärde. Sweden, 2018.

DESOLATION CENTER by Stuart Swezey. USA, 2017. Swedish premiere

BETTY – THEY SAY I’M DIFFERENT by Philip Cox. USA, 2017. Swedish premiere

SMÅGODIS, KATTER OCH LITE VÅLD by Ester Martin Bergsmark. Sweden, 2018.

GUDRUN – KONSTEN ATT VARA MÄNNISKA by Hampus Linder. Sweden, 2018.

TEAM HURRICANE by Annika Berg. Denmark, 2017. Swedish premiere

UTÖYA 22 JULI by Erik Poppe. Norway, 2018.

STRONGER THAN A BULLET by Maryam Ebrahimi. Sweden, 2018.

NU BOR JAG PÅ EN CAMPING by Jasmijn Kooijman. Sweden, 2018.

RÖST – SHORTS by VA. Sweden, 2018.

THE ALLINS by Sami Saifs. USA/Denmark, 2017.

PLAY by Dave Grohl.USA, 2018.

SPRINGFLOD by Ep 1. Sweden, 2018. World premiere

VÅR TID ÄR NU by Ep 1. Sweden, 2018. World premiere

JUCK by Ulrika Bandeira, Olivia Kastebring, Julia Gumpert. Sweden, 2018.


29 feature/documentary films + 6 shorts


I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO by Raoul Peck. Documentary, USA, 2016

DRÖM VIDARE by Rojda Sekersöz. Fiction, Sweden, 2017

I CALLED HIM MORGAN by Kasper Collin. Documentary, Sweden, 2017

WHOSE STREETS? by Sabaah Folayan, Damon Davis. Documentary, USA, 2017. Nordic premiere

CITY OF GHOSTS by Matthew Heineman. Documentary, Syrien/USA/Tyskland, 2017. Swedish premiere

DRIES by Reiner Holzemer. Documentary, Belgien/Tyskland, 2016. Nordic premiere

GIMME DANGER by Jim Jarmusch. Documentary, USA, 2016

TRAFIKLJUSEN BLIR BLÅ IMORGON by Ragnhild Ekner. Documentary, Sweden, 2017

DJANGO by Etienne Comar. Fiction, Tyskland, 2017 Swedish premiere

JUNCTION 48 by Udi Aloni. Fiction, Palestina/Israel, 2016

X500 by Juan Andrés Arango Garcia. Fiction, Kanada/Colombia/Mexiko, 2016

PORNOCRACY: THE NEW SEX MULTINATIONALS by Ovidie. Documentary, Frankrike, 2017 Swedish premiere

RAW by Julia Ducournau. Fiction, Frankrike, 2016

MAUDITE POUTINE by Karl Lemieux. Fiction, Frankrike, 2016 Swedish premiere

KATI KATI by Mbithi Masya. Fiction, Kenya/Germany, 2015

THE SQUARE by Ruben Östlund. Fiction, Sweden, 2017. Förhandsvisning

FUCKING ÅMÅL by Lukas Moodyson. Fiction, Sweden, 1998

THE MISANDRISTS by Bruce la Bruce. Fiction, Tyskland, 2017. Scandinavian premiere

SONICA SECUENCE by Lisa Nordström. Documentary, Sweden, 2017. Swedish premiere

THE INERTIA VARIATIONS by Johanna St Michaels. Documentary, Sweden/UK, 2017

ANTIFASCISTERNA by Patrik Öberg, Emil Ramos. Documentary, Sweden, 2017

OUAGA GIRLS by Theresa Traore Dahlberg. Documentary, Sweden, 2017

BRUK OUT by Cori McKenna. Documentary, USA/Jamaica, 2017. Nordic premiere

VEM SKA KNULLA PAPPA? by Antiffa Vänsterfitta. Hybrid, Sweden, 2017

SILVANA – VÄCK MIG NÄR NI VAKNAT by Mika Gustafson, Olivia Kastebring, Christina Tsiobanelis. Documentary, Sweden, 2017. World premiere

THE YOUNG KARL MARX by Raoul Peck. Fiction, Tyskland, 2017. Nordic premiere

DEN SISTA SOMMAREN WIP by Andreas Öhman. TV-Serie Sweden, 2017. WIP

QUEERCORE: HOW TO PUNK A REVOLUTION by Yony Leyser. Documentary, Tyskland, 2017. Nordic premiere

NATTBARN by Susanna Lenken. Short, Sweden, 2017




34 feature/documentary films + 9 shorts


6A by Peter Modestji. Fiction, Sweden 2016

9 FUTURES: SOUNDS FRAGMENTING by Nathan Budzinski. Documentary, USA 2016

ARCADE FIRE: THE REFLEKTOR TAPES by Kahlil Joseph. Documentary/Fiction, USA 2015

B-MOVIE: LUST & SOUND IN WEST-BERLIN 1979-1989 by Jörg A. Hoppe, Klaus Maeck, Heiko Lange. Documentary, Tyskland 2015

BODKIN RAS by Kaweh Modiri.Fiction, Nederländerna 2016

BORN TO BE BLUE by Robert Budreau.Fiction, USA 2015

BORTOM LAMPEDUSA by Gianfranco Rosi.Documentary, Italien 2016

BREAKING A MONSTER by Luke Meyer.Documentary, USA 2015

BUGS by Andreas Johnsen. Documentary, Danmark 2016

COWSPIRACY by Kip Andersen. Documentary, USA 2015

DANNY SAYS by Brendan Toller.Documentary, USA 2015

FILMAGE: THE STORY OF DESCENDENTS/ALL by Deedle Lacour, Matt Riggle.Documentary, USA 2013

FULL PATTE by Sara Haag.TV-serie, Sweden 2016

GIRL ASLEEP by Rosemary Myers. Fiction, Brasilien 2016

HOMO SACER by Lode Kuylenstierna. Documentary, Sweden 2015

MARTHA & NIKI by Tora Mkandawire Mårtens. Documentary, Sweden 2015

MEDAN VI DRÖMDE by Andreas Dresen. Fiction, Tyskland 2016

MEDAN VI LEVER by Dani Kouyaté.Fiction, Sweden 2016

MONALISA STORY by Jessica Nettelbladt. Documentary, Sweden 2015

QUEENS OF SYRIA by Yasmin Fedda. Documentary, Jordanien 2014

SKÖRHETEN by Ahang Bashi. Documentary, Sweden 2016

SONITA by Rokhsareh Ghaemmaghami. Documentary, Iran 2016

SPEGLINGAR by Sara Broos. Documentary, Sweden 2016

SUBURRA by Stefano Sollima. Fiction, Italien 2015

SWISS ARMY MAN by Dan Kwan, Daniel Scheinert. Fiction, USA 2016

THE GET DOWN by Baz Luhrmann.TV-serie, USA 2016

THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS by Colm McCarthy.Fiction, UK 2016

THE JAM: ABOUT THE YOUNG IDEA by Bob Smeaton. Documentary, UK 2015

THE SWEDISH THEORY OF LOVE by Erik Gandini. Documentary, Sweden 2015

THEY WILL HAVE TO KILL US FIRST: MALIAN MUSIC IN EXILE by Johanna Schwartz. Documentary, Mali 2015

THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING by Avi Lewis. Documentary, USA 2015

TICKLED by David Farrier & Dylan Reeve.Documentary, New Zealand 2016

WAITING FOR B by Paulo Cesar Toledo, Abigail Spindel.Documentary, Brasilien 2015

WIENER by Josh Kriegman & Elyse Steinberg. Documentary, USA 2015


26 features/documentaries + 8 shorts


AMY by Asif Kapadia. Documentary, UK 2015.

COBAIN: MONTAGE OF HECK by Brett Morgen. Documentary, USA 2015.

HEAVEN ADORES YOU by Nickolas Rossi. Documentary, USA 2014.

HOW TO CHANGE THE WORLD by Jerry Rothwell. Documentary, USA 2015. Nordic Premiere.

PERVERT PARK by Frida och Lasse Barkfors. Documentary. Sweden/Denmark 2014.

THE FALLING by Carol Morley. UK 2015. Swedish premiere.

SALAD DAYS. by Scott Crawford. Documentary. USA 2014.

WE ARE TWISTED FUCKING SISTER! by Andrew Horn. Documentary. USA/Germany 2014.

ROXETTE DIARIES by Jonas Åkerlund. Documentary, USA/Sweden 2015. World premiere.

THE SMELL OF US by Larry Clark. Fiction, USA 2015. Swedish premiere.

NASTY BABY by Sebastián Silva. Fiction, USA 2015. Nordic premiere.

TURBO KID by François Simard, Anouk Whissell, Yoann-Karl Whissell. Fiction, Canada 2015. Nordic premiere.

PAPUSZA by Joanna Kos-Krauze & Krzysztof Krauze. Fiction, Polen 2014. Nordic premiere.

EDEN by Mia Hansen Løve. Frankrike 2014.

HIMMEL ÖVER FLOGSTA by Viktor Johansson. Fiction/doc, Sweden 2015.

THE DAMNED: DON’T YOU WISH THAT WE WERE DEAD by Wes Orshoski. Documentary. USA 2015. Nordic premiere.

DREAMCATCHER by Kim Longinotto. Documentary, UK 2015. Nordic premiere.

TAIKON by Lawen Mohtadi & Gellert Tamas. Documentary, Sweden 2015. World premiere.

LOVE & MERCY by Bill Pohlad. Fiction, USA 2014.

EX MACHINA by Alex Garland. Fiction, UK 2015.

STRANDED IN CANTON by Måns Månsson. Hybrid, Sweden/China 2014.

JOE HILL by Bo Widerberg. Fiction, Sweden 1971.

CAN WE DO IT OURSELVES? by Patrik Witkowsky. Documentary, Sweden 2015.

STATION TO STATION by Doug Aitken. Documentary, USA 2015. Nordic premiere!

IMMORTAL/ODÖDLIGA by Andreas Öhman. Sweden 2015. World premiere.

LAND OF QUEENS by Elin och Lars Berge. Documentary, Sweden 2015. World premiere.


30 features/documentaries + 12 shorts


FORCE MAJEURE by Ruben Östlund. Swedish premiere. Fiction, Sweden 2014

FINDING FELA by Alex Gibney. Nordic premiere. Documentary USA 2014

BOYHOOD by Richard Linklater. Nordic premiere. Fiction, USA 2014

WISH I WAS HERE by Zach Braff. Nordic premiere. Fiction, USA 2014

20 000 DAYS ON EARTH by Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard. Nordic premiere. Documentary, UK 2014

BEAUTIFUL NOISE by Eric Green. Nordic premiere. Documentary, USA 2014

ALONE TOGETHER by Liza Morberg. World premiere. Fiction, Sweden 2014

LA DISTANCIA by Sergio Caballero. Swedish premiere. Fiction, Nederländerna 2014

TUSEN BITAR by Magnus Gertten & Stefan Berg. Swedish premiere. Documentary, Sweden 2014

CONCERNING VIOLENCE by Göran Hugo Olsson. Documentary, Sweden 2014

VIVA HATE (TV-series) by Jens Lien. World premiere. Fiction, Sweden 2014

PINE RIDGE by Anna Eborn. Documentary, Danmark 2013

7 STRECK by Klas Sivertson. World premiere. Documentary, Sweden 2014

JIMI: ALL IS BY MY SIDE by John Ridley. Fiction, UK/Irland/USA 2013

AS OLD AS MY TONGUE by Andy Jones. Documentary, Zanzibar/UK 2006

OUR VINYL WEIGHS A TON by Jeff Broadway. Documentary, USA 2014

OBEY THE ARTIST by Ondi Timoner. Nordic premiere premiere. Documentary, USA 2014

AMANDA FUCKING PALMER ON THE ROCKS by Ondi Timoner. Nordic premiere. Documentary, USA 2014

RUSSEL BRANDS THE BIRD by Ondi Timoner. Nordic premiere. Documentary, USA 2014

REVOLT by Jens Lien. Fiction, Norge 2011

OFF THE BEATEN TRACK by Joäo Pedro Moreira. Documentary, England, 2013

THE PUNK SINGER by Sini Andersson.Documentary, USA 2013

BLOODY BEANS by Narimane Mari. Documentary, Algeriet/Frankrike 2013

MISTAKEN FOR STRANGERS by Tom Berninger. Documentary, USA 2013

HOMESICK (Although I no longer know where home is) by Alexandra Lind. Documentary, Sweden/Finland 2014

GRUPPEN OCH HERRARNA! by Mia Thermænius. World premiere. Documentary, Sweden 2014

ALL WE HAVE IS NOW by Alexandra Dahlström. World premiere. Documentary, Sweden, 2014

REFUSED LIVE STHLM by Balsam Hellström. World premiere. Documentary, Sweden 2014

TEARS OF GAZA by Vibeke Løkkeberg. Documentary Norge/Palestina 2010


30 features/documentaries + 4 shorts


20 FEET FROM STARDOM by Morgan Neville, USA 2013.  Nordic premiere

A BAND CALLED DEATH by Mark Christopher Covino & Jeff Howlett, USA 2013. Nordic premiere

ALIAS by Michelle Latimer, Canada 2013. European premiere

BEFORE MIDNIGHT by Richard Linklater, USA 2013. Nordic premiere

BELLEVILLE BABY by Mia Engberg, Sweden 2013

THE BROKEN CIRCLE BREAKDOWN by Felix Van Groeningen, Belgium 2012. Nordic premiere

DOLLHOUSE by Kirsten Sheridan, Ireland 2012

THE EAST by Zal Batmanglij, USA 2013. Nordic premiere

FILMAGE: THE STORY OF DESCENDANTS/ALL by Matt Riggle, Deedle LaCour, USA 2013. European premiere

FRANCES HA by Noah Baumbach, USA 2013

FLEX IS KINGS by Deidre Schoo & Michael Beach Nichols, USA 2013. Special screening


GRANDMASTER by Wong Kar-Wai, China 2013. Nordic premiere

HENRIC DE LA COUR by Jacob Frössén, Sweden 2013. World premiere

INTERIOR. LEATHER BAR. by James Franco & Travis Mathews, USA 2013.

KIDD LIFE by Andreas Johnsen, Denmark 2012. Swedish premiere

KISS OF THE DAMNED by Xan Cassavetes, USA 2012

MITT LIV MED LIBERACE by Steven Soderbergh, USA 2013. Nordic premiere

NUG – VANDAL IN MOTION by Lars Berge & Akay, Sweden 2013. World premiere

PEACHES DOES HERSELF by Peache, Germany 2012. Swedish premiere

PETEY & GINGER by Ada Bligaard Søby, USA 2012. Swedish premiere

PUSSY RIOT: A PUNK PRAYER by Mike Lerner & MaximPozdorovkin, Russia 2013. Swedish premiere

REINCARNATED: SNOOP LION by Andy Capper, USA/Jamaica 2012. Nordic premiere

REVOLUTION by Rob Stewart, Canada 2013. Nordic premiere

SNABBA CASH: LIVET DELUXE by Jens Jonsson, Sweden 2013. World premiere

SECOND CLASS by Marta Dauliute & Elisabeth Marjanovic Cronvall, Sweden/Lithuania 2012

THE STONE ROSES: MADE OF STONE by Shane Meadows, UK 2013. Nordic premiere

STRÖM ÅT FOLKET by Håkan Lidbo, Sweden 2013

WALTZ WITH MONICA by Per Fly, Sweden 2013. Nordic premiere

WILD STYLE by Charlie Ahearn, USA 1983



21 features/documentaries/shorts


SEARCHING FOR SUGAR MAN by Malik Bendjelloul

SNABBA CASH II by Babak Najafi

PALME by Kristina Lindström & Maud Nycander

BITCHKRAM by Andreas Öhman

TZVETANKA by Youlian Tabakov


POJKTANTEN by Ester Martin Bergsmark

ALLA VILDA by Marianne Gustavsson & Lisa Belfrage


LOVE ALWAYS, CAROLYN by Malin Korkeasalo & Maria Ramström

AT NIGHT I FLY by Michel Wenzer

FLIMMER by Patrik Eklund

BEYOND THAT WASTELAND by Daniel Wirtberg & Jenny Wilson

FÖRORTSINDIANEN by Catti Brandelius

SHARAF by David Aronowitsch and Hanna Heilborn

CROCKER by James Kendi

DANCE MUSIC NOW by Johan Jonason

HIT SO HARD by P. David Ebersole

JAPANTHER IN 3D by Japanther

DÖDA DIN CHEF by Johan Karrento



7 features/docs


HAPPY END by Björn Runge


APFLICKORNA by Lisa Aschan