She’s mastered the art of turning sad feelings into uplifting anthems, of turning pain into glory. She’s right there between pop and underground, accessible yet credible, the radiant disco pop queen, the dancing laser beam, light but strong. Her electric live show is something everyone should experience, and we’re incredibly proud to give you the possibility to do so.


We all have memories connected to her bittersweet melodies and modern classics, at the same time emotional and playful, engaging and daring, vulnerable and powerful; Missing U, Honey, Ever Again, Call Your Girlfriend, Hang With Me, With Every Heartbeat, Be Mine! and, of course, Dancing On My Own, the ultimate heartbreak story and also best song of the last decade, according to Rolling Stone.


With every new release and with every new show she reminds us why pop music is so important and the capacity it has to heals us. Robyn is the teen pop star who reinvented herself and became the true pop icon she is today. Independent and playing in her own league. Over the years, she has collaborated with everyone from Snoop Dogg, Basement Jaxx and Neneh Cherry to Kindness, Röyksopp and The Lonely Island. Fifteen years ago, her fourth and self-titled album reinvented her career and she’s been untouchable ever since. Widely influential, too – for a while it seemed everyone wanted to sound more or less like Robyn. Come to think of it, they still do.

We are more than thrilled to welcome Robyn to Way Out West 2022. It will be a very special evening.