By anyone’s standards, UK’s hottest new rapper Pa Salieu has had a remarkable couple of years. In 2019 the 23-year-old British-Gambian was shot in the head. A few months later, in early 2020, he unleashed ‘Frontline’ – a piece of Afrobeat-infused, inventive UK rap that captured his upgrowing in Coventry – “C.O.V, hashtag city of violence”. 2020 must have been one of the toughest years for a new artist to break through but given Pa Salieu’s unbelievable talent, success was imminent regardless of external circumstances.


After releasing his massive song ‘Frontline’ in the beginning of 2020, everything Pa Salieu touched seemed to turn to gold. Tastemakers, peers and radio have competed to outdo each other with praise for this pioneering young voice. With mixtape ‘Send Them To Coventry’ (2020) Pa Salieu fortified his status as one of UK’s most innovative and relevant artists.


Pa Salieu will be playing on Thursday August 11th.