What started with intense record collecting and a blog (Feel My Bicep) eventually turned into the Belfast-born, London-based duo we know as Bicep. And everyone who knows BICEP thinks of their equally eclectic and ecstatic electronic music influenced by house, techno, Italo disco, jungle, trance, garage and more. Yet they always manage to make all this feel, to borrow from Resident Advisor, contemporary. Childhood friends Matt McBriar and Andy Ferguson produce music in order to shake up the clubs and the dance-floors, and it all comes with a deep knowledge of rave culture and physical sounds.


BICEP has released music since 2010, but it took until 2017 and a deal with Ninja Tune for them to release their (self-titled) debut album, which Mixmag picked as album of the year. Their  euphoric and visual live show must be experienced, especially when those breaks from Glue kick in. We can’t wait to have them at Way Out West.


BICEP  will play at Way Out West on Thursday August 13.