Lowering the stakes is a tried and tested method to bolster creativity and likely one of the reasons why Radiohead’s primary songwriting duo Jonny Greenwood and Thom Yorke decided to form The Smile. And much like Radiohead, The Smile is a witch’s brew of various musical influences. Indie, punk, progressive rock, folk, jazz, Afrobeat and modern classical music – just to name a few. And when you add renowned jazz drummer Tom Skinner to the equation, known for his work with acts such as Sons of Kemet and Floating Points, a unique tension between the rhythmic elements and the eclectic compositions materializes. And floating above it all is the haunted tenor Yorke whose apocalyptic prophecies feels more perceptive than ever.


The Smile’s secretive debut album ‘A Light For Attracting Attention’ was released in 2022 and was rightfully named among the best albums of that year by influential magazines such as Pitchfork, Uncut, MOJO, Roughtrade, New York Times and many more. During the band’s performance at Montreaux Festival Jazz Festival the same year, the band performed an unreleased song called ‘Bending Hectic’. A song that has travelled extensively from word to mouth ever since. To fans delight the song was released earlier this year, marking it the first new music from the trio in 2023. The song will be the centerpiece on ‘Wall of Eyes’ (another brand new album!) set to be released in January next year. We are thrilled to welcome The Smile to Way Out West!