Way Out West presents: The Future Fan Stage

Sweden’s most influential music festival, Way Out West, has set out to secure their future fanbase in a rather unusual way, to say the least. 


To stay relevant, new fans are crucial. New generations of fans are vital for keeping both artists and music festivals alive and kicking. This year, we’ve added an additional stage to help create future fans of great music by ‘injecting’ live recordings by the headlining artists into their DNA at the earliest stage possible—before they even develop into fetuses.


In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a medical procedure that involves joining a woman’s egg and a man’s sperm in a laboratory dish. It helps millions get pregnant every year. Recent studies show that music improves the fertilization rate during an IVF process. So, in collaboration with renowned designer Love Hultén, we’ve created a unique, fully functional stage that will play live recordings from Way Out West’s headlining artists for what might be the largest, yet smallest crowd in history: sperm and eggs getting ”ready to rumble” in laboratory. The Future Fan Stage will be placed and activated at the Swedish IVF clinic Eliva in Stockholm.


Welcome, future music fans.


See line-up here!