Spotify and Equalizer Project becomes official partner to Way Out  West 2019

Presents Equalizer Talks and the statistics behind this year’s equal festival lineup.


Way Out West is a music festival committed to work for social and environmental sustainability and have made several changes to the festival in order to create a positive impact on society. In 2012 the festival stopped serving meat and became a 100% vegetarian festival, and in 2015 the festival became dairy free.


This year, social sustainability will play an even bigger role at the festival with an official partnership with Spotify’s Equalizer Project – an initiative that celebrates and connects women and non-binary music creators, to increase equality in the music industry.


Way Out West’s festival lineup has 50/50 male and female-fronted acts this year, and during the festival the artist, producer and songwriter Linnea Henriksson will host Equalizer Talks – interviews and talks with a focus on equality in the world of music. Festival-goers will also be able to try music production on site in Equalizer Project’s Pop-up Studio.


2019 is the third festival year that we are excited to be able to present an equal lineup. We will continue to book equal and hope more festival colleagues takes after. We look forward to the partnership with Spotify and Equalizer Project and hope to inspire more people to create music, says Ola Broquist, founder of Way Out West.


We are proud to initiate this partnership with Way Out West and to highlight the need for more equality in the music industry together. As one of Sweden’s most popular and progressive festivals Way Out West once again proves that it’s possible to have an equal festival lineup, a fantastic step in the right direction and together we will take the equality work on the festival site to the next level. While the representation on stage is equal, there’s still a lot to be done behind the music. The music that’s performed by these artists are created by roughly 85 % men – an imbalance we will continue to talk about and actively work to change on the festival area this year, says Jenny Hermanson – Nordic MD at Spotify.


Spotify founded Equalizer Project in Sweden 2017 with the ambition to create space where female and non-binary artists, songwriters and producers can meet, be inspired and learn from each other. Statistics showed that only 13.7% of the rights holders behind the 50 most played songs on Spotify during 2016 were women, which became the start of the initiative. The program wants to highlight role models, open doors for talent and inspire even more creators to become part of the music industry. Equalizer Project has arranged several networking events in Stockholm and Oslo, aiming to bring together female and non-binary talents with experienced music creators and profiles who they might not have had the opportunity to meet elsewhere. Max Martin, Katy Perry, Shellback, Noonie Bao and Daniel Ek are just a few of the experienced music creatives and industry profiles who have joined the network events since launch.


Equalizer Project has also organized a seminar, released a podcast with Linnea Henriksson and have invited female and non-binary artists and songwriters to an introduction course in music production at Spotify HQ.


Statistics – rights holders behind Way Out West’s lineup’s most streamed songs on Spotify.


With help from STIM, Spotify have listed the rights holders behind the lineup’s most streamed songs, and that likely will be performed on stage in Slottsskogen this August.


Of 127 rights holders in total behind 42 songs (the most streamed song on Spotify by each act), only 21 were women (15,8%) and 107 men (84,2%).