Way Out West will be the first festival in Scandinavia to sell lifetime tickets in the form of NFTs, so-called WOW Moments.Three NFTs will be auctioned off which will give the owner VIP access to the festival for life. All future Way Out Wests, that is!


WOW Moments is a tribute to Way Out West’s history, from all the legendary performances to the time when we went all veggie. In addition to the three NFTs sold this week, all fans are invited to join in creating their own WOW Moments. Before and during the festival, fans can submit their best festival memories and purchase their own memories as NFTs using AI technology.


The WOW Moments on sale will also have a chance to be shown in the digital gallery, WOW Gallery, and on the physical big screens in Slottsskogen during the festival. Through a map and an AR function in the festival’s official app, users will also be able to see theirs and others’ WOW Moments.


Want to know more? Check out www.corite.com/wow