Here are this year's Stay Out West venues!

Stay Out West venues! When Slottsskogen closes, this is where your festival evening will continue this year: Pustervik, Liseberg, Skeppet, Annedalskyrkan, Musikens Hus, Folkteatern, Oceanen, & Scandic Göteborg Central. 


Stay Out West has an 18+ age limit (except for Annedalskyrkan which is 13+.) Some of the venues lie within walking distance from Slottsskogen. Others are a tram- or bus ride away. When looking at our posters, you’ll find the Stay Out West acts in thin font, and the Slottsskogen acts in bold. It’s also listed under each artist bio at our website. Schedule with exact timings will be released shortly.

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Pustervik. Claimed as a classic for a reason, as Gothenburg’s CBGB’s. This location consists of one larger and one smaller stage reviving the nostalgia created withing these halls, memories that keeps the atmosphere of Pustervik as great as it’s always been.


Annedalskyrkan. The most beautiful church in Gothenburg? This church has hosted some of the most memorable Stay Out West gigs through the years, and this year it’s finally back in the Stay Out West program. If you’re looking for a unique musical experience to end the night with – this is the spot.


Skeppet. A recent addition to Gothenburg’s flora of venues. Skeppet is part of Sjömanskyrkan, and old church for sailors, and has been transformed into creative hub housing a venue, restaurant and a recording studio. The heart of the building, the live stage, is feels and looks as timeless at time itself. Come witness it for yourself! 


Liseberg. The biggest venue of the year! Polketten is a venerable dance floor that has been around since 1926 and offers the opportunity to hang out both outdoors and under the roof.


Scandic Göteborg Central. Back for the third year in a row! This black box has hosted some great shows through the years. You come here to dance, not to stand still.


Oceanen. A creative center on Stigbergstorget – across the street from the record store Bengans. A place for cultural expression of all kinds as well as one of the best concert venues in town for smaller acts. Here you’ll be able to experience tomorrow’s big stars in a venue that oozes modern contemporary.


Folkteatern. Folkteatern, located at Järntorget nearby Pustervik, wishes to create performance artvof the highest quality – both provocative, touching and entertaining. They’ve been a part of Stay Out West for several years and slowly starting to become one of the classics. Swing by!



Musikens Hus. In the heart of Majorna, you’ll find this cultural centre that includes everything from restaurants to concert venues. This is a relatively new location with a long history that is also within walking distance of Slottsskogen, a perfect place for those who don’t want to compromise.

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