Friday 5: Kornél Kovács

Five questions for Kornél Kovács, producer and DJ who recently released his album Stockholm Marathon and in August plays Way Out West. And, of course, on Wednesday he’ll be a part of the Studio Barnhus 10 year celebration in Stockholm.


A record you never get tired of?
– Tim Hecker’s Radio Amor has been a significant part of my life since 2003 now. It’s very familiar to me by now, further increasing its warm, comforting qualities – yet I still hear new things in it all the time. I listen to it super loud at times, and enjoy it as barely audible background music at others. The greatest modern ambient record in my opinion.


Do you have any specific memory from the last time you played Way Out West?
– We did our Studio Barnhus audio-visual show with dancers and live animations for the second time ever, first time in Sweden, and it was a huge deal for us. Very happy it went so well with the help of a great, enthusiastic audience.


Dream booking at Way Out West?
– Baba Stiltz, main stage.


Have you ever run into any of your old drum’n’bass heroes on the festival or club circuit, and what was it like?
– Happy to have a very good answer to this: I went to Trädgården in Stockholm when my absolute drum’n’bass hero Goldie played there a few years back and brought my original vinyl copy of Terminator – his very first release from 1992, a truly groundbreaking hardcore rave tune. He seemed genuinely happy to see the record and signed it “STILL STRONG – G” in beautiful style, old graffiti artist as he is.


Give us a tip!
– If you’re in Stockholm on June 5, come to Studio Barnhus’ 10 year anniversary party at Cirkus, in Stockholm. It’s going to be our biggest and best party yet, one for the books.