For the third year in a row – Area Skate Garden returns!

Each year, Way Out West has built on its strong music core with a variety of other elements that today are just as important as the music – for example, by starting to show films, an initiative that has made Way Out West Film Sweden’s third largest film festival. In 2022, a skate area was launched, which the festival can now announce will return for the third year in a row.


The skate-focused area, just like last year, will be used by both visitors and invited world-class skaters under the banner of Skate Garden. The area will be like a festival within the festival with a variety of events during the three days of the festival, including sneak previews of upcoming documentaries about Swedish skate history and panel discussions. Topics that will be addressed include the sportification of skateboarding and its role in the city, discussed by significant voices from the skateboarding world. Additionally, Vans will bring the European skate competition Vans Shop Riot, which will take place as part of the festival.


The ramp, which this year is larger than before, will be available for both visitors who bring their own boards and professional skaters. Everyone is welcome to stop by and try it out, and the association Skate Nation will be on-site to help beginners and work to make the ramp as inclusive as possible. After the festival, the ramp will be used in the municipality of Eslöv, where Skate Nation will use it to promote integration in socioeconomically disadvantaged areas.


More info will be available HERE.

See line-up here!