Way Out West x REFSU Logotype
If you can’t go to way out west, come to it.
Way Out West and The Swedish Association for Sexual Education, RFSU, have teamed up to create The Livebrator – the world’s first live music vibrator.

The limited-edition innovation makes it possible for people who can’t attend Way Out West to enjoy the festival from home in an intimate live experience.
The same parts of the brain gets stimulated when listening to music as when having sex. The Livebrator has been developed to bring the joyful feelings of Way Out West to your bedroom.
The sex toy is connected to a live stream from Way Out West's stages, allowing people who can’t attend the festival to come anyway. The music that your favourite artists play on stage gets translated into vibrations that are sent to The Livebrator in real-time. Read more about Way Out West here.
Tech can be an enabler of a healthy sexual life. According to studies made by RFSU, people who use sex toys are generally more satisfied with their sex life. Way Out West has always been an innovative and progressive festival with a purpose to make people and the planet feel good. So to explore the possibilities of tech, The Livebrator was created. Read more about RFSU here.
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How do I get a Livebrator?
Why the heck are you doing this?
Will it be a live experience?
What about when the festival is over? Is the Livebrator useless then?
Is the Livebrator designed for everyone?
Can I watch the festival while using the Livebrator?
Do I have to stay at home while using it or can I go to the festival at the same time?
How does it work?
What is Way Out West? Sounds cowboy-esque.
What is RFSU? Some sort of disease?
I am a journalist and/or influencer and I want to come too!
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