Tutti Frutti don’t want to exclude anyone, we want as many as possible to enjoy our unique Tutti Frutti bags and we have been working hard in recent years to make this possible. Our bags are now completely free of non-natural colours and flavours. We use fruit juices and vegetables instead to bring Tutti Frutti’s wonderful flavours and colours to life.


We use juices from apple, lemon, orange and passion fruit as flavourings and spirulina, blackcurrant, sweet potatoes and black carrots to get the right colours.


The whole bag range is now not only vegetarian but also vegan.


Every year, we have had the pleasure to present novelties to all wonderful Way Out West guests and this year is no exception. This year’s novelty is Tutti Frutti Chewy Fruits, a wonderfully soft and fruity marshmallow with the classic Tutti Frutti flavours passionfruit, pineapple, pear and Tutti Frutti original aroma.


Come visit us and talk about vegan candy, festival gossip, music and of course to taste how amazingly good candy Tutti Frutti has in its assortment.