Siri, an introverted city girl finds herself as lead singer in the punk band “The Raspberries”. On their chaotic tour through Sweden, Siri hits it off with drummer Beatrice, who guides her through the punk world and helps her grow into her role as the band’s leading figure. On the road the band meets the charming and intense goth girl Ava, who offers parties at her place and a place to stay for the night. While Siri’s feelings for Beatrice grow, Ava, obsessed with Satan, starts to put in motion a dark agenda of her own that will have devastating consequences for Siri and the band.


Cast: Inez Micaella Andersson, Victor Iván, Emelie Lihav, Wilma G. Sand, Alma Westerlund m fl
Screenwriter & director: Jakob Ekvall
Producers: Jakob Ekvall, Elsa Fanni (Lykantrop) & Olivier Guerpillon (Fox in the Snow)


Distribution: Njutafilms
Theatrical premiere: October 18th

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