by Hans-Erik Therus. Sweden, 2021, Documentary.


This is a film about a bunch of crazy and derailed 20-year-olds who, after all, manage to establish themselves and break with expectations and go their own way. With music as a lifeline.


Today, Union Carbide Productions is seen as a cult band from Gothenburg’s more well-off suburbs. Few Swedish bands in the late eighties had the opportunity to tour abroad, play at the Marquee club in London and the CBGB’s in New York.


In the film THE GOLDEN AGE, we get to follow the band from the beginning to the end. What happened to this messy band which according to the singer Ebbot Lundberg “derailed before anything really happened” and which according to the guitarist Björn Olsson related to the tours as “ski trips even though the skis had been exchanged for guitars”.

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