Stammisar by Måns Nyman. Sweden, 2022, Fiction. Exclusive preview screening


The screening will be followed by a Q&A with the director!


The search for love and something real among regulars in a hot summer Stockholm. An authentic depiction of the search we all engage in is captured in core dialogue. We sweep between the scenes in the world’s most densely populated capital, where everyday humor, defeats and victories are depicted by a wide gallery of characters where we can all recognize ourselves.


Cast: Tyra Olin, Helmon Solomon, Mona Masrour, Odin Romanus, Nathalie Cleo Missaoui, Joel Spira, Linda Pira, Parham Pazooki, Nils Svennem Lundberg, Ayan Jamal, Stina Andersson, Carla Sehn, Ellen Bökman, Khalil Ghazal, Alexander Salzberger, Jaques Karlberg, Alton Nyika, Julia Sporre, Roshi Hoss, Teddy Vidal, Tina Mofidy, Mapei, Arman Cho, Jazlin Jelassi, Nattalie Ström, Fatima Jelassi, Dejmis Rustom Bustos, Sofia Kappel, Paul Habra, Steph Khouri, Segen Tesfai, Michel van Berkum, Santiago Martinez.