by Patrik Eklund & Jens Östberg. Sweden, 2022, TV-series. Special preview screening (before Tunna Blå Linjen)


Special screening with creators & cast present! 


Bosse is a professional gambler who is swept into a world of big risks, shady bookmakers and complicated conditions. He is a homegrown boy from Piteå who starts gambling on the trot early. In the early 1990s, he and his friends set out in search of the big bucks on racetracks, ice rinks and football pitches. Bosse is good with numbers and always well prepared, but when sensational end results make them lose, he understands that something is wrong. And he decides to do something about it. Soon he is being chased by the media, Tipstjänst and prosecutors. The story of Bosse and the big gambling scandal shakes the whole of sports Sweden in its foundations is inspired by real people and events.


In the main roles: Björn Elgerd (Thin blue line), Edvin Bredefeldt (Top dog), Ulf Stenberg (Björnstad) and Erik Johansson (Bonusfamiljen). Screenplay: Dennis Magnusson. Main director: Patrik Eklund. 6 episodes. Premiere on SVT September 12.