Levan Akin follows up the success of “And Then We Danced” with a gripping journey through Istanbul’s most colorful neighborhoods.


Lia, a woman from Georgia, has promised her sister to find her long-lost daughter, Tekla. From her neighbor, Lia hears that Tekla might be in Istanbul, so she travels there to try to locate her. In Istanbul, they encounter a vibrant and beautiful city filled with life and dreams. However, finding someone who has chosen to disappear is more challenging than she thought. Until the day she meets Evrim, a lawyer fighting for transgender rights. As they walk together along the city’s colorful backstreets, it feels like they are getting closer and closer to Tekla.



HUMANISTIC FILM about acceptance and forgiveness”

  • 4/5 Sydsvenskan, Camilla Larsson

IMPRESSIVE… engaging and gripping”

  • 4/5 Aftonbladet, Stefan Hedman

“Genuine joy, love, and movement”

  • 4/5 GP, Maria Domellöf-Wik

“Emotionally charged story of solidarity”

  • DN, Eva af Geijerstam

“Masterful tribute to people’s right to be unique”

  • 4/5 Kulturbloggen, Rosemari Södergren

“Emotionally impactful storytelling”

  • 4/5 Moviezine, Jonathan Enochsson

Screenwriter & director:
Levan Akin
Cast: Deniz Dumanli, Lucas Kankava, Mzia Arabuli
DoP: Lisabi Fridell
Distribution: TriArt

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