Since the birth of punk in the late 70s, Östergötland has been a base for a large collection of bands. In the early 80s, hardcore music also gained a strong foothold in the region and during the 90s this music scene exploded. Linköping then became a central point in the county but also one of the largest cities in Sweden when it came to hardcore. Everything happened at “Skylten”, an old closed machine sign factory that the municipality handed over to the city’s youth to manage in true “do it yourself” spirit. Concerts were staged all the time and big international bands often came to visit, which put Linköping on the map abroad as well.

The documentary film “ÖS – historien om Linköping hardcore” deals with the birth of hardcore music in Östergötland during the 80s and its heyday in the 90s in Linköping, but also looks ahead and gives an insight into today’s music scene where “Skylten” still plays a central role in Linköping’s music life.

Foto: Kristofer Pasanen

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