Året jag slutade prestera och började onanera by Erika Wasserman. Sweden, 2022, Fiction. Exclusive preview screening


The screening will be followed by a Q&A with the director!


Hanna is in the middle of her life and career and wants to have another child with Morten, but instead he dumps her. Suddenly she’s without a job, an apartment and her best friend Carro, who’s had enough of Hanna’s constant stress. Hanna does what she can to save herself and get her life back, which means a row of embarrassing situations and minor disasters. One foggy night, she meets Liv, who does not allow herself to be controlled by self-absorbed guys or stressful jobs. Liv gives Hanna the courage to start listening to herself, enjoy all that life has to offer and avoid impossible premises.


A comedy drama about daring to reconsider life, with unexpected insights, summer romance and wonderful humor with high recognition.


Cast: Katia Winter, Jesper Zuschlag, Henrik Dorsin, Vera Carlbom, Hannes Fohlin, Nour El Refai, Bahar Pars