Alfons – piece by piece by Johan von Sydow. Sweden, 2022, Documentary. World premiere.


“I’m just gonna …”


For fifty years, Gunilla Bergström’s classic Alfons Åberg phrase has been quoted both in the Swedish Riksdag, and at home, both in Sweden and a number of other countries. This autumn, we celebrate Alfons´ fiftieth anniversary, but Gunilla Bergström didn´t live to experience it. When she passed away in August 2021, we lost one of Sweden’s greatest writers.


In “Alfons – piece by piece”, the story of Bergström’s life and work is told through meetings with family, colleagues and admirers – as well as never before shown film clips from her creative workshop.


With Björn Gustafson, Jonas Karlsson, Lars Winnerbäck, Georg Riedel, Jason Diakité, Lena Treschow and more