Linn and Nour together run the popular social media channel ÄKTA SKRÄCK where they travel around and delve into creepy and supernatural events live. After receiving an anonymous tip to investigate the witch burnings in Torsåker where 71 people lost their lives. When filming on location, strange things happen and they start wishing they had never gone there. At the same time, the camera captures things that Nour and Linn do not see…


Directed by Daniel Di Grado (Alena, Oracle) after an original script by Ida Kjellin (Min pappa Marianne). In the leading roles, we see the new rising stars Ava Nikodell and Rebecka Enholm. The film is produced by FLX in co-production with Film i Väst and CMore, with support from the Swedish Film Institute and in collaboration with TV4 and SF Studios. SF Studios is the distributor in the Nordic countries and REinvent International Sales handles international sales.


Screenwriter: Ida Kjellin
Cast: Rebecka Enholm, Johan Ehn, Ava Nikodell, Rasmus Sintorn Nystedt


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