Internet rap is many ways the new punk. Much like punk it’s hedonistic, fashionable, accessible to produce, DIY, anti-establishment and to many – highly provocative. Swedish Yung Lean and his crew, Sad Boys, are rightfully considered as pioneers of this movement. Long before narcotic, dejected Soundcloud-rap was the dominant mode of the rap mainstream, Yung lean was rap-singing his unrestrained fantasies of Italian artists, Japanese pop-culture, retro videogames, designer’s clothes, food, horror movies, science-fiction, drugs and sex and managed what very few Swedish rappers has managed: to break across the globe. Over atmospheric, minimalistic productions – often crafted by Yung Sherman or Yung Gud – Yung Lean has continued to mesmerize fans all over the world with his melancholic music. Most recently on the album Poison Ivy from 2018. We are honored to announce that Yung Lean will be doing a small-scale show at this year’s Stay Out West! If you blink, you’ll miss it!