Real emotions are hard to ignore. And real emotions are what made Yung Lean a foundational figure in contemporary hip-hop. With his latest album ‘Starz’ (2020) Yung Lean asserted his position as a forerunner and continues to do what no other Swedish rapper has ever done: capturing an audience all over the world and influencing current music. Or as Yung Lean raps on the track ‘Violence’: “You’re a product of your environment/ My environment’s a product of me”.


Besides dropping his new celebrated album ‘Starz’, 2020 also saw the release of the captivating documentary ‘In My Head’, in which we are given keys to better understand one of music’s most enigmatic and elusive minds. In 2022, Yung Lean will bless Way Out West with his incomparable presence.


Yung Lean will be playing on Thursday August 11th.