Now it’s time for the testimonies of racism.

In the fall of 2017 we got to witness the revolution of #metoo. Testimonies of abuse and sexism spread like fire through the culture, media and business scene in Sweden. Rulers left their positions, structures began to change. But to create an equal society we cannot stop listening now. Other groups are still being the subject of oppression and discrimination. At Way Out West Talks, Teskedsorden seeks to inspire a new, antiracist popular movement where testimonies of those affected is being lifted and taken seriously.

Welcome to a conversation between artist Janice, democracy agent Barakat Ghebrehawariat, and Teskedsorden employee Theo Tamim, on how to engage and contribute to change. The talk is moderated by the Secretary General of Teskedsorden, Lovisa Fhager Havdelin.


Moderator: Lovisa Fhager Havdelin

Lovisa Fhager Havdelin, Secretary General of Teskedsorden, has her background in Swedish and international organizations such as Läkare Utan Gränser, Peace Dividend Trust, Unicef and Amnesty. Lovisa has been awarded by FN and has been part of Anna Lindh Academy’s leadership program on human rights.



Artist Janice had her big breakthrough in 2016, with the release of the single Don’t Need To. Janice has, alongside many other successful Swedish artists, been a part of Tensta Gospel Choir and in 2018 she released her debut album Fallin Up. Janice has been critically acclaimed by both Swedish and international media – and with her unique expression, she is one of Swedish pop music’s brightest shining stars.


Theo Tamim

Theo Tamim works as a project assistent at Teskedsorden. With his background – both from growing up as a black person in Sweden, and from the Swedish school system – he wants to be a part of changing the future for upcoming generations. By using art, education and discussion as tools, Theo is pushing for a society where all minorities can feel safe.



Barakat Ghebrehawariat

Barakat Ghebrehawariat is the lecturer, adviser and entrepreneur, with democracy issues as his main passion. Working with diversity from a communication perspective – Barakat seeks to bring change to the society. He runs the agency Demokrateam, is in the board of, and a member of the advisory board for Nationalmuseum and Reach for Change.