Sweden is one of the top 5 countries to reach the Agenda2030. We are in the forefront of developing new systems and fixing older ones. For example; sustainable cities and climate positive energy usage. At the same time climate change forces us all to reconsider how we define “urban areas” and “energy all the time”. To reach the global goals we need to transform everything we know. We have done it before and we can do it again – remember how some people was convinced that the earth was flat and had to change their conception of life? The question is; how fast can we change this time? And do we have answers on what actually needs to be done in rethinking city planning and energy for everyone all the time? Could Effective Altruism be a way?


Namo Marouf

Namo Marouf – also known as rapper Lilla Namo – is also a M.Sc. within sustainable cities and design, where her expertise lies within social sustainability. Namo is the founder of Peshemrga Clothing and used to work as a city planner for Stockholm City.


Lars Backström

CEO of Västtrafik, responsible for the public transport of Västra Götaland, where 430 000 travellers take part in 1 million travels every day. Lars is driven by contributing to a positive social development by making sustainable transporting easy accessed. 


José González

Internationally acclaimed artist – but also a scientist who’s working with effective altruism as a model.


Emmy Tollin

Sustainability developer and partnership manager at GodEl, most recently as the project manager for GodEl’s climate positive-initiative.


Andreas Lundberg

Andreas Lundberg, head of Atrium Ljungbergs Business development in Malmö and Göteborg. Andreas has spent many years of his career working with business and concept development in the real estate sector.


Per Olsson

Stockholm Resilience Centre, leading the research stream Resilience Science for Transformations, working with agency and system entrepreneurship, social-ecological innovations, and transformations to sustainability.

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